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I though I would post a couple of MP3's of myself playing my Clavinova (Electric Piano) and this has developed into a few other bits, enjoy...

CCTV_1305_07122016.mp4 CCTV_1305_07122016.mp4
CCTV_1306_07122016.mp4 CCTV_1306_07122016.mp4
Kimberley's Wedding  
So Into You So Into You
Just The Way Just The Way
Speechless Speechless
Sky Full of Stars Sky Full of Stars
Offertory Solo From the Requiem by Faure. Solo I sang on 25/09/2004 at Mossley Hill Church
Strings (Well Yamaha Strings anyway!)
Chorale Prelude Meant for Organ. Chorale Prelude by Bach based on the popular hymn tune for 'O Sacred Head Once Wounded' (Something for Easter)
Gavotte Gavotte by Matthew Camidge (1758 - 1844)
Voluntary Voluntary in A Minor by Anon (That most famous composer!)
Muse Latest Composition - © Michael Thwaite 2014
Good Friday Variations © Michael Thwaite 2012
on a Taizé Theme Original Theme: Jacques Berthier (1923 - 1994)
Taizé Theme
Variation I - Peter
Variation II - Centurion
Variation III - Pilate
Variation IV - Judas
Variation V - Mary
Variation VI - Crucifixion
Variation VII - Finished
Jean De Florette Some of you may recognise this off the Stella Advert
Flower Duet Keeping on the theme of adverts, this one was made even more famous by British Airways
Passage of Time From Mine and H's favourite film 'Chocolat'. (Please ignore the mistakes!)
Chocolat_? (NEW) Another Piece from 'Chocolat'... I will find the correct title next time I look at my music!
Organ Played on the organ at St Peter's Church, Woolton - Recordings from a practice session
Trumpet Volutary - Clarke Its a voluntary with a trumpet... most popular choice for a wedding (After the Traditional)
Morentanz - Susato Medieval piece
Trumpet Prelude from Te Deum - Charpentier You might know this from the eurovision song contest!
Hornpipe from Water Music - Handle Piece Heather processed in to for our wedding.
Toccata from Symphony No 5 - Widor Been promising to replace my piano rendition of this on my website for ages... well here it is!


Performances © Michael Thwaite 2004 - 07